The Art of Fearlessness


As a woman of the twenty-first century, I am constantly bombarded with societal standards of feminine ideals. Beauty, physique, intellect, and let’s not forget the infamous title of a *Boss Chick*. A Boss Chick – a female whose game is on point ranging from her personal style to her bank account.  A woman who has the commanding presence of Phylicia Rashad, the business mogul mentality of Oprah Winfrey, the ravishing intellect and cleverness of Maya Angelou, and the fierceness of the uber-talented Beyonce’.  Through all of the “blueprints” of womanhood that are imposed by society and self-inflicted, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal- finding your own personal niche for happiness, joy, peace, and love.  In stating this, it is crucial to disclaim that no one has the same format for living a life of fabulousity. What matters is finding your personal sweet spot for abundance in all things positive and residing there.

I have only been on this earth for approximately twenty-three years, however based upon the life experiences that I have had, I can guarantee that imitating the personality or lifestyle of any other human being will not be your gateway to achieving your ultimate level of happiness and authenticity. I have found that embracing the individual that God has created me to be, has been my BEST decision EVER towards maximizing MY life. I have made the decision to live BOLDLY and with intent. I choose my thoughts, and allow my reality to align with the vision that I have crafted mentally. I refuse to be impacted by my environment; I am now a stimulus for change in my own life. It all begins and ends with my mentality and attitude. I have also realized the significance of learning how to identify factors within my life that are out of my control, and reassigning my time and energy to more malleable sources.  I now make an effort to live fearlessly, and I am unapologetic for my sound belief in entitlement for the basic factor of life…..JOY.

I believe that in order to be the best Woman that I can be, I must tap into my own space of power and freedom to be my complete self. This means stepping outside of the boxes of limitation, status quo, and comfort in order to become the person that I have always wanted to be, and live the life that I have always desired. I am willing to take the risk of putting myself out there, and welcome both the successes and detours that are associated with elevating myself towards a rejuvenating plateau of a life-altering breakthrough.

I have decided to share my journey with anyone who is open to learning about my experiences; in the past, present, and upcoming future. It is my goal to be a point of reference, insight, and inspiration to fellow young adults who want to live their life to the ultimate fullest. I have formulated 8 tips to help me along this life-long journey, and I have decided to share…

Develop a Solid Spiritual Foundation

There is a great sense of peace and comfort that comes when you surrender yourself to that of a higher power. The concept of knowing that your life is in the hands of a greater spirit that has ultimate control, is enough motivation to go full fledge for the desires of the heart. God wants the BEST for you, and He is more than capable of cosigning on all of your wants and needs, as long as it is within his will. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.,” Jeremiah 29:11.

 Make Sure You Are Taking Care of Self While In Pursuit of Your Goal

“Me-Time,” “Self-Nurture,” “Personal-Space,” Whatever you would like to call it, make sure you are doing it! Taking the time out of your day or week to set aside time for yourself is a huge requirement for anyone with a pulse, let alone seeking self-improvement. This time can be used for reflection or even relaxation; make sure that you are the number one person taking care of YOU. Set yourself at the top of your priority list, and allow all other objectives to follow.

Be Yourself

To live authentically it is fundamental to be genuine with yourself and the others around you. Adapting to one’s environment is very important in today’s society for the sheer purpose of communicating and connecting with others who are similar and different from who you are; however it is also important to not lose sight of the individual that you are, amongst the many roles that you may have.

Go For the Things That You Want In Life

Life is short, go for the things that you want in life and don’t look back. It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission while in the pursuit of one’s goals. Why???? Well sometimes when you wait around in search of a green light to go, most likely you will not receive one. In the majority of cases, people who have earned success initiated the first move, and the secondary steps thereafter- i.e. not waiting until they heard an “OK.” However, use caution and make decisions, steps, and first moves at your own risk.

Plan Ahead (and be strategic about it *Intentional*)

Live intently, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets…,” Habakkuk 2:2. Make sure there is a reason behind every major thing that you do, and allow this reason to be associated with turning you into a better person – whether spiritually, intellectually, or financially. Don’t live a life in vain, because you will definitely regret it later. 

Live, Breathe, and Eat What You Want to Make Happen

Before anyone else can believe in your vision, you have to already make it a reality in your mind. Walk, Talk, and Incorporate your dream into your daily life. Wake up thanking God in advance for what you have already claimed as yours.  Moreover, start taking the necessary actions to ensure that your dream doesn’t just remain in the solitary confines of your mind.

Build A Solid Mentor Circle

As a twenty-something I know that many others have been in my exact footsteps prior to me being placed into a situation. I believe that it is absolutely ludicrous to not seek insight, guidance, and support from those who have been successful at achieving the same goals that I am attempting to conquer now. There is power in numbers, the more genuine mentors that you have, the more likely you are to be successful at reaching your vision- remember this is contingent upon the actual work that you put in!

Find A Staple Motivational Track to Remind You of the Goal at Hand

Lastly, find a go to anthem that you can listen to in times of victory and solace. Allow it to be a track that you can use to celebrate during major accomplishments; and one that you can listen to as a reminder of your goals during not so favorable moments on your journey towards happiness, joy, love, confidence, and dream conquering.  Be blessed, now Go!

© A. Nicholson, 2013-2013. All Rights Reserved.



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