Step Out on Faith……and LOVE!

Sometimes it is easier to sit still, and remain in the same location, doing the same things, and feeling the same amount of angst and discontentment. In the majority of situations we have already trained our minds to go to the negative aspects of making a major change in our lives; instead of focusing on the freedom that transition brings. Change is nothing to be AFRAID of.  Life is one huge learning experience that we have been blessed to receive. Make mistakes, question why you have always done the same things in life, and dare to do the opposite. Every chance that you get, I dare you to venture into the territory of self-improvement and betterment. Imagine if you could look your deepest fear in the eyes, and confidently and self-assuredly say “I have overcome you, and am looking forward to my future without you.”

I am about to encounter a huge CHANGE in my life, and I have had to face the challenge of overcoming my deepest fears and digging down deep into the core of who I am in order to break the cycle of self-negativity that I, and no one else, have caused. What do I mean by negativity? Pessimistic self-talk, doubt, and anxiety over new opportunities. I had to make the decision to no longer be a victim of my emotions or environment. My ultimate goal is to live in my own space of personalized authenticity, and to be an agent of change within my own self and as a result impact my environment through the energy that I exude.  I am continually making the decision to reside in a space of gratitude, joy, and love for others. Through books such as, “Heart of the Soul” by Gary Zukav; I am learning how to step outside of what I am feeling and to constantly operate in love and trust. A destination that allows me to take my personal power back, and to be my complete self in any circumstance. I have great expectations for my future, and I have transitioned my mindset to believe and prepare for the amazing people, experiences, places, and opportunities that are in store for ME.

A. Nicholson

© A. Nicholson, 2013-2013. All Rights Reserved.


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