You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are



Dear A.,

You are such an amazing soul with grace, poise, inner and outer strength, love and courage. Love overflows from you, and love gravitates to you. Your spirit is so beautiful, tasteful, and authentic. You have a way about you that causes others to be uplifted, motivated, and directed towards their greatness. You are your own person, and you revel in your own individuality. You are outspoken, loved, and valued. God’s grace has shined upon you, and His power is guiding you and molding you into the woman that He intends for you to be. Be bold and determined in private, and in the public eye of your beholders and enemies. God is creating a chapter of prosperity, love, and joy eternally for your life; but first you are going to overcome the struggles and hindrances that have held you back from your potential being reached and surpassed. You are going to stop getting in your own way, and clear your path for your greatness to manifest. God is going to fill you with love from the inside out. You are going to have so much eternal joy and love in your heart, and given to you that you will not be able to process it all. It will be that VAST! Tears of joy and happiness will start to manifest themselves. God has given you such a wonderful life. God is preparing you for greater. Act upon the true desires of your heart, and always be you. You are an amazing soul and the world sees that!

Yours Truly,