I Am Standing Upon Infinite Ground

photo 3

2013 was a phenomenal year for me! It was a year of self-discoveries, triumphs, spiritual pressing, and divine favor and abundance. I went through every emotion possible last year, and through those experiences I was given liberation and laughter. I became strong(er). When I think about this past year in review, I have a lot to be thankful for and I am proud of the woman that I am. I had the awesome experiences of completing my thesis, turning 23, graduating from college with my psychology degree, moving to New York – three weeks afterwards, starting my first full-time job, and meeting people who were truly god-sent along the way. Thinking about my initial blog post, revert back to “The Art of Living Fearlessly,” I can truly say that I have stayed true to my promise of moving past fear and moving towards my ideal life. There have been times within this short four month time span, where I have had to physically push myself to move forward despite the heart-wrenching pains of the past and deep-rooted obstacles of fear. I have been determined to get over the hurdles that have been mentally-imprinted in my mind. The funny thing is that the initially support that I wanted, and thought that I did not have, was there all along. A support that I am grateful for, and will build upon in the present and future.

I have declared 2014 to be a year of excellence and boldness. I  am moving vehemently toward my goals. I will travel more, be open to new adventures with amazing people, extend my knowledge of literary culture, and operate in gratitude every step of the way. I will leave you with this extraordinary quote from new congregation of First Corinthians Baptist Church “I am a complex construct of an infinite God. I dare you tell me what I cannot do.” The possibilities and opportunities of my life are unlimited, and all that I can imagine can be manifested into my reality. This is going to be a SPECTACULAR journey. I AM READY.


A. Nicholson