Gratitude Is A Personal Gift


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.” Oprah Winfrey. My optimism towards life has been one of my best attributes for opportunity and growth. Through optimism I have learned how to open my personal door to gratitude, the ability to look at a circumstance through a perspective that allows one to deliberately choose to see the positive aspects and be thankful. I believe that gratitude is a gift to yourself that can be used as a ticket out of depression, guilt, anger, and pain. Gratitude has given me the motivation to pursue the goals and dreams of my life, and the courage to continue after being presented with obstacles and loopholes. It is the fuel that continues to drive my inner ambitions and the personal coach that encourages me to take one more step, after I literally feel as if all of my energy has been depleted.

Within the last month, I have decided to take my realm of gratitude a little higher, through participating in an exercise course that focuses on finding things to be thankful for every single day, and writing at least ten instances down. Putting my heart and soul into seeking out the “little” everyday miracles of life, and recording them on paper, has yielded amazing results. I mean, when you think about it, the concept of being able to get up in the morning and walk to your kitchen is absolutely amazing! Not to sound out of it, but it truly is. Think of all of the people who can’t do that, whether it be due to an illness or physical impairment, the act of walking is definitely something to be grateful for! Gratitude can also be found in the “ordinary” accessories of life: running water, ample food supplies, the privilege of freedom of religion, and (in case you are blessed enough to life in the great city of New York) the ability to get up on a refreshing Saturday morning and attend an awesome Yoga to the People class on St. Marks. People the blessings, luck, favor (whatever you prefer) are/is in abundance all around us, all we have to do is wake-up and see them. Even as I write this post, I can feel my level of gratitude increasing, just at the thought of all of the remarkable experiences that I have had the pleasure to encounter, just within this year alone. The act of moving to a new city, struggling to find a niche, and eventually discovering inner strength, wisdom, tenacity, and gratitude that manifested into external mirrors via people and organizations.  It has been a journey of personal truth living in a state of gratitude, and I truly believe (as my one day mentor, Oprah, states) finding a space of thankfulness for what you already have, will always manifest the opportunity for more, always.

With Gratitude,

A. Nicholson