How YOU Choose to See Determines Your Functionality


“Your mind is like a flower bed, and whatever you feed your head determines all your fate. Whether you blossom or you suffocate. Peace is like a pattern, where every angle matters. And how you choose to see determines your functionality.”

-Allen Stone, Love

I have been attempting to find this song for the last few weeks. The lyrics are so simple, yet so true. Your mind is truly a reflection of all of the thoughts that you have been having. Whether they be thoughts that are enriching, or otherwise. Your surroundings will more than not, show you exactly what you have been consciously or subconsciously desiring or…. fearing.

Life is a choice. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to be melancholy. You can choose to be angry. You can choose to be the proactive factor in your mood, a factor that dictates your behavior. It is your choice to make each and every single day. Granted we all may stumble or even fall in the quest to control our emotions. However, the beauty in this is that we receive a chance to start over with each awakening morning. This reset button is your gift. It is your gift to replenish what has been lost, and to recover what you wish to gain and build upon.

Today, and tomorrow, choose to heal yourself by renewing your mind with thoughts that empower you. You are the protagonist and narrator of your own story. This story is called your perspective.


A. Nicholson


“Novice to Master” Series Spotlighting Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

–  Lao Tzu

The “Novice to Master” series provides a specific in-depth view into the expansive world of self-development through the view-lens of a featured accomplished expert in the field.  This week’s focus will be the art of storytelling; how to develop and polish your story, while maximizing the experience of your audience through your words.

Lisa Nichols a world-renowned motivational speaker, media personality, and Corporate CEO executes a phenomenal presentation surrounding the art of storytelling by gifting her audience with step-by-step methods of how to draw listeners in through honing-in on the relevancy of sharing one’s truth through authenticity. Through a webinar produced by Mindvalley, a learning experience company focused on components of self-development, Nichols provides priceless gems of how she personally overcame the struggles and hardships of her life in order to become the personal-development guru she is today. I initially discovered the work of Nichols in 2013, her strong advocacy of the power of affirmations along with her magnetizing personality caused me to quickly become a fan of her platform. Through the lessons provided by Nichols through her “How to Market Yourself by Telling Your Story” webinar,  I dare to say that you may become a fan of her work as well.

Through the webinar entitled “How to Market Yourself by Telling Your Story” featuring Lisa Nichols, Nicholas starts by emphasizing the importance of one’s story, she states “Stories allow you to understand your why.” She then elaborates further announcing the acronym USP, Unique Serving Proposition, which Nicholas compares to a Global Positioning System (GPS). A USP lives in the story of its owner, it defines your purpose and who you are meant to attract with your story. Nicholas also provides a descriptive metaphor to further resonate her main idea to her audience, stating “If content were bricks your story would be the cement that holds your content together.” Your story provides the adhesive connection to the overall purpose of  the tangible or intangible service that you are presenting to the world.

Moreover, Nichols also presents practical methods and guidelines to help one to develop a story that reaches a specific targeted audience. She shares the following steps pertaining to guidelines:

Be Willing to Take Risks: Be open to speaking your truth and owning it from a standpoint of victor not victim. Lisa Nichols uses the perfect quote to summarize this  point, “My story is my fuel not my fortress.”

Be Clear and Concise: Give concise advice and follow-up  with a descriptive story that allows audiences to envision the situation. Utilize your body to unpack the story – what were you thinking, feeling, doing (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

Use Your Story As a Catalyst: Your story is only the beginning to what you have to offer, build your skill sets as a leader, business consultant, life coach…etc. Allow your story to be a gateway to additional avenues of access to you.

Use the “Great Dip” Method: Utilize the V-scenario, introduce your audience to the “Big Me” ( the person you are after you have overcome all of your obstacles – the polished you). Then bring your audience down into the valley of the adversities that you once faced, allow your audience to connect with you through your transparency. Lastly, bring your audience back up to you, through showcasing your why . What is your inspiration for why you do what you do? What was the reason for your struggle, the cause of your triumph and your open arms to help others? Relate the above points back to your audience.

Lisa Nichols often speaks of herself as “a regular woman with an extraordinary drive.” She often shares the point of us all possessing the power to find our own sweet spot to thrive and succeed. The key to our success and abundance is unlocking our own personal story. We are all great and powerful beings, some of us may just need the reminder.


A. Nicholson

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