Dr. D. Ivan Young, Master Certified Coach & Relationship Expert, presented an incredible TED Talk in 2015 on the topic of merging emotional intelligence with the Law of Attraction. In the talk he gave a clear definition of emotional intelligence and tied it into the area of focus and physical feeling through the body. He also shared “nuggets of enlightenment” in the field of silencing your mind to get the answers to pressing questions. Through the assistance of a higher power, he revealed, placing yourself in silence will allow you to receive the knowledge you are seeking. One of the BEST quotes that I received from his presentation was this, “That which you seek ladies and gentlemen, that which you desire, that which you long for- is equally seeking you.” POWERFUL! Right?

It is a comforting feeling to sense that all of your desires are also attracting you, just as much as you are attracting them. Whether those desires be: to go back to school, purchase a new car, buy a house, or to attract the right people and resources. Whatever! Just as much as you want them, God wants to give these things to you. However, it requires you to clear your mind, focus, and BELIEVE that you deserve what you are asking and desiring for.

One thing that I have learned, through study and personal experience, is that manifestation happens faster when the mind is clear and the heart is filled with love. Pure love. Love that holds no grudges. Love that relishes in laughter. Love that dares to dream. Love that BELIEVES that it is worthy. Love that loves in completion and perfection.

Below I have shared some tidbits from Dr. Young’s TED Talk, I hope it blesses someone.

Peace, Love & Light!

A Nicholson

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Using the Law of Attraction
    1. Emotional Intelligence
      1. To be aware of your feelings and the feelings of others
      2. To have clarity about situations/circumstances.
        1. To know why you are experiencing what you are experiencing
          1. Why have you attracted this dilemma
            1. Like attracts like- what you expect comes to you
          2. Emotion equals energy in motion
            1. The greater the emotion the more of that situation you receive
              1. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.
              2. What you consistently think about, you get.
            2. How do you start to attract what you want?
              1. Monitor your thoughts
                1. Everything that you see came from something that was once unseen.
              2. The Subconscious Mind drives the outcomes in your life
                1. Shift your paradigm of thought – trick your mind into believing that you deserve what you are desiring.
                  1. Autosuggestion is a great way to do this.
                2. Focus on the present and train your subconscious mind to manifest the things you desire.
              3. Embrace the silence
                1. In silence, you will receive the answers to the questions that you have asked.
                  1. When facing dilemmas, problems, or issues.
                    1. Get quiet, meditate, and ask God for the answers.

“As you feel, as you believe, you will receive.”

– Dr. D. Ivan Young




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