You. Create. Your. Own. Reality.

“Your body is the mirror of your mind…. Don’t change your body, change your mind…The mind can create your Heaven or the mind can create your hell…Remember you create your own reality. YOU create your own reality.”

Master Nan Lu

Life is a journey of abundance meant to be enjoyed to its fullest capacity. Life is meant to be lived through an open heart-space, maneuvering through existence filled with trust, love and vulnerability. Through this act, God provides the people, places, and re(SOURCES) to build, grow and cultivate your true nature and destiny. Life has the ability to be controlled through your mind and spirit. Through the power of intention and complete focus, you have the ability to attract your desires to you. Through daily cleansing of your mind and energy, you can pluck out the ideas and core beliefs that no longer serve you, and replace them with ideas and beliefs that will allow you to soar into life’s grandest vision of yourself. You Create Your Own Reality.


A. Nicholson


Your Are Responsible for Your Life

“You are responsible for your life, and if you are sitting around waiting for someone to save you, fix you, or even help you. You are wasting your time,  because only you have the power to move YOUR life forward.”

Oprah Winfrey

Incredible words from a very powerful woman who has been a mentor-my-head for years. Her life story is riveting and emotionally-captivating in so many ways. However, the focus of my attention, for now, is on her emphasis on the idea of taking responsibility for your own life. Taking responsibility for your life-events. Taking responsibility for your emotions. Taking responsibility for the overall trajectory of your life. Taking responsibility for the effective use of your time. Taking responsibility for the way that you choose to perceive situations. And last but not least, taking responsibility of knowing when to let go of things that no longer serve you.

The act of taking responsibility is therapeutic. It allows you to reset your way of thinking and to realize that you are, and always have been, in control. It forces you to throw away the figurative mask of victimhood for the armor of victor. By taking on the burden, and gift of ownership, of both good and bad occurrences in your life, you take back your power of choice.

Life is all about choices. Your decisions determine your life outcome. Choices can be a gateway to healing or self-destruction. The choice is always yours. Choose Life. Choose Love. Choose Courage. Choose Peace. Choose to be brave and to go after your goals with reckless abandonment. Choose Yourself.