You. Create. Your. Own. Reality.

“Your body is the mirror of your mind…. Don’t change your body, change your mind…The mind can create your Heaven or the mind can create your hell…Remember you create your own reality. YOU create your own reality.”

Master Nan Lu

Life is a journey of abundance meant to be enjoyed to its fullest capacity. Life is meant to be lived through an open heart-space, maneuvering through existence filled with trust, love and vulnerability. Through this act, God provides the people, places, and re(SOURCES) to build, grow and cultivate your true nature and destiny. Life has the ability to be controlled through your mind and spirit. Through the power of intention and complete focus, you have the ability to attract your desires to you. Through daily cleansing of your mind and energy, you can pluck out the ideas and core beliefs that no longer serve you, and replace them with ideas and beliefs that will allow you to soar into life’s grandest vision of yourself. You Create Your Own Reality.


A. Nicholson


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