Rewire Your Brain for Success

Well-known therapist, best-selling author, and phenomenal speaker Marisa Peer has helped countless individuals to change their lives through the power of shifting perspective. She has used her methods to help world leaders, celebrities, and people who may live normal lives, alike. Through the use of the TED Talk partnership she has brought her techniques to the masses, specifically through her presentation entitled “To Reach Beyond Your Limits by Training Your Mind,” shared exclusively through TEDxKCS.

In her speech, Marisa shares invaluable tidbits on how to rewire your brain for success through the conscious act of selectively choosing the images and words that one may associate with events. In essence, we are the only liable limitations in our lives.The reason why we do not have the things that want out of life is because we are not using the correct words or images in order to program our minds to accept what we consider to be good. Cognitive dissonance at its finest!  Marisa goes over four key points in her explanation of how to get what one wants out of life. She breaks them down into steps that are understandable, relatable, and easy to execute. I have summarized them below:

  • Your mind does exactly what it thinks you want to do.
    • The mind acts in your best interest. It listens to the words that you use in association with a thing, and then acts upon what it perceives as your desires.
      • For example: If you are constantly stating that you need a break/vacation. Subconsciously your mind will create a scenario in order to give to you want it is that you are saying that you are wanting. It may be in the form of a headache, migraine, or the flu. However, you will ultimately be getting what you want – a break. Not ideal, however practical.
    • This is why in order to fully use the potential power of your mind, you have to be VERY specific with what you are telling your mind that you want. Down to the last detail, because whatever you tell your mind that you want, you will most definitely get.
  • Your mind is hard-wired to move towards pleasure.
    • You must link what you want to pleasure, and what you do not want to pain.
      • For Example: If you want to lose weight, instead of saying “I hate this” everytime you run a mile; start saying ” I love it, and this is what I want.” By doing this, you are reprogramming your mind to believe that you love to exercise. And, in order to maximize this message envision yourself as the person you wish to be while you are exercising. Link positive words with positive images to further emphasize to your mind that you find this activity to be pleasurable.
  • Your mind responds to two things: the pictures you create within it and the words that you use.
    • In order to get what you really want you must learn to change the images that are associated with your desires.
      • For example, if your desire is to get to know new people, visualize yourself talking to strangers. Depict how the interactions will go, and make sure you imagine a positive outcome. Tell yourself you love talking to new people.
  • Your mind loves what is familiar.
    • Learn to make what is unfamiliar, familiar. Sit in the discomfort of things that you are not used to doing. Allow your brain to realize that your act is something that is familiar to you by doing it over and over and over again.

This information has the capacity to change your entire life.Let me know if the above insight has helped you, drop a comment below.


A. Nicholson


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