The Power of the Pen

We literally possess the power to write our lives into existence! What do you truly want out of life? What does your ideal life look like? Who is with you in your experience?  What car are you driving? What kind of house are you coming home to? What is your career? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you the CEO of a fortune 500 company? What is the ideal version of you?

Do you know what all of the above questions have in common? They are all tied to your core beliefs about yourself. Your current lifestyle is just a combination of all the thoughts, words, and feeling that you have expressed on a conscious and subconscious level.

Believe it or not, you are a magnet attracting people, circumstances, and experiences into your external reality. Through this epiphany comes a startling revelation. You Are A Creator. You create your reality thought by thought, and word by word.

There is a revolutionary method of creation that millions of people have used – that has its roots connected to ancient times- to change their lives for the better. What is this esoteric secret? It’s quite simple. WRITE IT DOWN. When you begin to write your goals down it triggers scientifically and spiritually a spark of action in the brain. This spark deepens through repetition, to bring your plans into fruition.

The actual examples of this practice are countless. However, to be a bit more specific, I am a deep lover of podcasts. One of my favorites would be the Minority Trailblazer podcast created and hosted by Greg E. Hill. If you are not aware of this up and coming dynamic millennial, get to know him. You’re welcome.  In a past blog post by Greg, entitled “5 Reasons Why Committing Your Goals to Writing Can Change Your Life,” Greg specifically writes down his goals and from a voice of retrospect he verbally check-marks these accomplishments. Greg compares when he stated the objectives to get done vs. when they were actually accomplished. By the end of the post, Greg reveals that he had either accomplished or was on the way to accomplishing each said goal through the medium of taking action. When I read this post I was deeply inspired and was pushed to get back to writing out my goals into manifestation.

The power of the pen is truly mesmerizing. Once a goal is written down and reviewed daily, it pushes your subconscious mind to get your body and conscious mind into radical action mode. I am ready to continue my pursuits and dreams, and if any of you reading this are ready too – I  have provided various links to FREE resources to assist us along this journey. See you at the top!


A. Nicholson

Shira, also known as “SugarFreeTV” on youtube is absolutely on fire in this past video about the action of writing your goals down. She is a strong advocate of the book, “Write It Down Make It Happen,” by Henriette Anne Klauser. This video is one of a four part series. Check it out!

In this video Shawnda, also known as “BronzeGoddess01” on youtube, gives a bullet point rundown of how utilizing the principles of writing your goals down have assisted her in achieving her goals. In the video she praises “SugarFreeTV” and the book “Write It Down Make It Happen.”





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